About Us

As Floby Family
Its main aim is to support our newborn babies growth and development by providing them with safety, pleasant and healthy products such as educational, constructive, entertainment toys and accessoires.

After our research and development efforts with all domestic and national resources, we develop new models every day, by producing plush toys, plush baskets, sleeping buddies, backpacks, educational books, decorative pillows and many other product types aimed at increasing the cognitive and mental abilities of our children of play age.

Reffering to home textiles we endeavour to complete your home furnishing with our unique and decorative design throw pillow and cushions.

All of our products do not use any dyes, fabrics or accessories that can damage on health. Safety and hygiene controls of our products are carried out with World class tests. Accordingly, every item we produce is suitable to be used for our babies and children. We will continue to progress by increasing our production capacity with new trend products day by day, adding value on behalf of our country in the national and international sectors without compromising the quality, health and safety.